Sunday, 8 January 2012


Jean-Paul Lespagnard has quite a fashionable sounding name, non?

Well, it’s fitting, because the Belgian designer has already captured the eye of Susie Menkes, and you can’t ask for more fashionable confirmation than that really, can you?

I met JPL on Parcours Modo, the Brussels Fashion Trail I was invited to take part in with MyFashionLife, and I got to view some of his collection (he’s shown in Paris twice so far) up close in a classroom-style room where the pieces hung and spun gently, so you could investigate the pieces closely:


Jean-Paul has a visually playful yet technically accomplished style  - these printed jumpsuits with woven belts stamped with a distinguished black Jean-Paul Lespagnard button are distinct classics in the making:

I also loved his simple use of red, white and black, and the curves created by the use of these colour :


I have the feeling we may be seeing more of JPL...

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1 comment:

  1. Just beautiful.

    I have a slightly - okay, okay... massively! - obsessive relationship with clothes bearing any sort of Breton stripe. The red and white dress has my name all over it.

    Sarah x